I admire the effort you’re putting into fiction writing and appreciate your desire to have a professional look at your work. Nevertheless, I must regretfully say no. Here’s why:

I receive many such requests, all from undoubtedly deserving individuals. If I took time to look at all of those stories, I’d never get any more writing done myself. As it is, even with fourteen novels published, I can’t write fiction full time. It simply doesn’t pay enough.

In an effort to help where I can, I have put many of my thoughts on my Advice to Aspiring Writers page and on my blog. Most of whatever else I can offer is in my free online course, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Neither of these is the same as personal attention. But for personal attention, I would have to charge for my time, just as I charge business clients who make use of my editing and consulting services. Even then, even if you paid for honest criticism based on my 30+ years of experience as a writer, I could make no guarantee that you would become a published author.


Before You Ask Me to Write Your Story

Were you thinking, perhaps, that you would tell me your story ideas and I would write them and we would split the proceeds? The answer is no, and here’s why: Ideas are a dime a dozen.

That’s right. Everyone has ideas for a great story. I’ve got a fat file full of them right here. I either haven’t had time to write them, or haven’t figured out how yet. The same will be true of other writers you might be thinking about contacting.

Everyone has trouble believing it, but believe it: It’s not the idea that makes a story great, it’s how you develop it into a story and then tell it. So the way for you to see that fabulous idea of yours get into print (or on the screen) is for you to learn the craft and write it yourself.


What to Do?

Most beginning writers can’t afford to pay for private, professional help and criticism. That’s why there are classes and workshops on writing, and why many writers and aspiring writers band together into workshops of their own. I belong to such a group myself, and wouldn’t do without it. My best and most heartfelt suggestion is that you do the same.