Unusual Book Signing Planned

This weekend, I was at my usual early-Saturday-evening haunt, which is the free and very friendly wine tastings at my local beer and wine emporium, Menotomy Beer and Wine in Arlington, Massachusetts. I was looking around, and had a sudden inspiration: why not a combination wine tasting /book signing? A natural, no? (Could be a beer tasting, too; they do those on Friday evenings.)

I suggested it to the management (“I have a crazy idea…”), and they loved it. Turns out they’ve been *trying* to get local artists in there to display their work for free, just to liven things up even more. I believe their exact words were: “You’re here. It’s a done deal.”

So if you’re in the Boston area, mark that on your mental calendar for sometime in November, when Sunborn is published. I’ll post more later.

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  1. Chris Howard
    | Reply

    Very cool idea, Jeff.

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