Chameleons of the Deep

Whatever I was planning to write about next—probably Slicing Open Golf Balls for Fun and Profit, or something equally edifying—got knocked right out of my head when I encountered the web site, Talking Squids in Outer Space. That site by itself is pretty cool; I had no idea there were that many SF stories with squids in them. But even better, I followed their link to this video, which is real footage of cephalopods doing amazing things in the ocean. Watch it; it’s worth your time. If it doesn’t display properly in this page, go to

Tell me these critters aren’t amazing.

“Imagination is the eye of the soul.” —Joseph Joubert

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  1. Charlza
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    I’ve seen the last camouflaged octopus video before, but it still freaks me out.

    I also loved watched the Cuddlefish at the Georgia Aquarium. There was a special that included them in a documentary on Georgia Public Television several months ago- fascinating creatures.

    I’ve only seen intelligent squids in one science fiction work to date and that’s Stephen Baxter’s Manifold Trilogy.

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